Clifton Martial Arts Academy



The Journey Starts Here

-Movie, Games, Weapons Training, all on Friday, November 23rd. 12:00 Noon - 4p.m. $45 per person. Instructors will be Mr. T. and Mr. White.

-All sparring gear must be purchased through CMA. See office for further notice.


Program Information


Peewee (Ages 4-6)

This fun yet challenging program provides the essential social development that growing children need. They will exercise, socialize, and learn the fundamentals of the martial arts.


Children (Ages 6+)

Our kids program is perfect for anyone looking to enroll their children in an activity that enhances their growth and pushes them to do their best.  They'll become equipped with the mind, body, and skills to achieve the impossible.

Adults (Ages 14+)

In our adult program, we push our mental and physical limits in a friendly and clean environment with our egos checked at the door. With our attention to detail, adult students will be able to notice healthy changes in no time.