Program Information


Introductory Bundle ($30)

Our Introductory Bundle includes everything you need to try our classes.  It's quick, easy, and affordable.  This is the reccomended way to begin your training.

The Bundle includes: 1x CMAA Uniform,1x Beginner Private Lesson, and 1x Group Class --in the program of your choice.



Peewees (Ages 4-6)

Our peewee class concentrates on developing courteous and respectful behavior. Students quickly understand what the Martial Arts is, and what it is not. Students learn how to effectively work together, and discover the necessities of cooperation and focus


Kids (Ages 6-14)

Our kids (ages 6+) program is more than just another after-school activity. Students will develop their motor skills, socialize, and improve their focus through learning the martial arts. By pursuing tangible goals (Belts/Stripes) children will develop the persistent attitude they'll need to overcome life's many challenges. They'll learn how to break down the challenge ahead, how to study it, and how to plan a strong solution. Our students have shown improved concentration in the classroom, resulting in better grades and behavior.


Teen & Adults (14+)

We push our mental and physical limits in a friendly and clean environment with our egos checked at the door. With our attention to detail, adult students will be able to notice healthy changes in no time.  Flexibility, strength, and balance will all be enhanced.  Get in shape and learn valuable and possibly life saving techniques at Clifton Martial Arts Academy.